Looking to book a school trip?

Planning, booking and taking a school trip can be a daunting task. Do I try something new? Do I stick with something I know? How do I make my trip engaging, interactive and most importantly – educational!

These are all common questions that everyone asks and with a greater stress on Learning Outside The Classroom from OFSTED and the new National Curriculum, taking great school trips are more important than ever. However with school trips comes the idea of extra work, extra planning, and more often than not, extra stress. So how do you get past this?

Hot Tickets For Schools are the industry insiders, working directly with the hottest musicals, plays, museums, galleries and attractions to give you up-to-date information on everything you need in one easy place to plan a school trip and support it back in the classroom.

In order to battle the common problems and stresses of taking school trips, we have created a simple guide to taking trips with answers to the common questions of ‘What to do?’ ‘How to get there?’ ‘What are the best ways to book?’ and most importantly ‘How do I make a school trip educational?’ so you can concentrate more on the fun of the day, than the headache building up to it.

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What to do?

How to get there?

What are the best ways to book?

How do I make a school trip educational?



What to do?

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It’s usually the first question that needs answering however can actually be the most difficult and most time consuming.

We have full education information on the best plays, musicals, dance & opera, museums & galleries, venues and attractions & experiences in London and beyond.

We keep them up to date with school’s discounts, booking information, subject and Key Stage suitability, education resources and workshop information so you can see everything you need in one simple place.

Click here to take a look at all of our current school trip ideas and use our simple search bar to filter the selection down by Key Stage, area, price, date, subject relevance and more.


How to get there?

There’s a number of ways to get from your school to the school trip venue, each with their positives and things to consider.



Free London Tubes

If your school is in London, you and your pupils can get free travel on off-peak tube travel with Transport for London’s School Party Travel scheme.



The biggest plus point is that it’s free! It’s also really convenient with regular tubes every couple of minutes.

You and your class can get free off-peak school group travel from Monday – Friday.

The scheme is open to any London school (including summer, special needs and nursery schools), plus any school group visiting education and cultural venues in London.


Things to consider

Tubes can be busy – even at off-peak. Unfortunately at times, there’s just no way to avoid a busy tube and so this will not always be the best choice for every school group and especially not for younger children.

Keep journey times to a minimum and try and make the least amount of changes as possible. Use a trip planner like TFL or Citymapper to see the different options, times and changes.


Click here for more information on the scheme.




Coach travel is the most common choice for schools to get from A to B, and there are hundreds of Coach companies that specialise in school trips and school travel.



The best option for ease, and you know that no one can get lost along the way. Distance is also not an issue so the best option for long distance travel.

Things to consider

Even though a cost effective option, depending on the distance and journey times, coach travel can make up a large amount of the overall trip cost. Make sure travel is accounted for in advance when you budget your school trip.

Traffic and parking can be a real issue in central London so if you’re planning on seeing a show, make sure you leave within plenty of time and keep parents and carers informed if there’s traffic or any delays on the way back.



What are the best ways to book?

There are lots of ways to book a school trip and depending on what type of trip you are taking depends on the best ways to book.


Ticket Agents vs Direct to venue

Every venue or theatre box office are on hand to answer all your queries and are able to book your group in. For theatre trips, the biggest advantage of going directly to the box office is that they will likely be able to give you the best available seats and easily advise you on what performances have better availability.

The other option is to go to one of the bespoke organisations that specialise in booking in school groups for a number of different shows, venues and attractions. The main ticket agents are below and are the best option if you want to look at different options or book in a number of different trips at the same time.

All of our pages give all the different options to book in your trip, so make sure you have a look at the ‘Booking info’ button on the trip pages.

phone-icon 0844 482 5165
email-icon 2 education@delfontmackintosh.co.uk
internet icon www.delfontmackintosh.co.uk
phone-icon 020 7492 1525
email-icon 2 education@encoretickets.co.uk
internet icon www.encoretickets.co.uk
phone-icon 020 7580 6793
email-icon 2 enquiries@groupline.com
internet icon www.groupline.com
phone-icon 0844 412 4649
email-icon 2 education@seetickets.com
internet icon www.seetickets.com
phone-icon 0844 847 1794
email-icon 2 education@ticketmaster.co.uk
internet icon www.ticketmaster.co.uk




School package providers

There’s a number of package providers for schools that are travelling a longer distance so need an overnight stay or would like a do a number of different activities in one go.

The main package providers are below and are always on hand to create bespoke packages for your needs. They can also advise and book in your travel, overnight stay and tickets all in one go to make it easier for you.


equity school travel logo
phone-icon 01273 648 248
email-icon 2 tours@equity.co.uk
internet icon www.equityschooltravel.co.uk
nst logo
phone-icon 01253 833 833
email-icon 2 info@nstgroup.co.uk
internet icon www.nstgroup.co.uk
Study experiences logo
phone-icon 020 8335 4455
email-icon 2 team@studyexperiences.co.uk
internet icon www.studyexperiences.co.uk



How do I make a school trip educational?

School trips are an excellent way to bring learning to life and for your students to experience something that they wouldn’t usually in the classroom.

Whatever subject you teach, there’s always a school trip that can link to what your students are learning back in the classroom. Many shows and exhibitions have direct links to the National Curriculum and make excellent tools for cross-curricular study.

All of our school trips featured on the site display the subject and Key Stage relevance and also information on Workshops and Education Packs to support learning back in the classroom.

Use our smart search and filter to find your perfect trip.



Education packs

Many shows and exhibitions have specially written education packs developed by teachers and education specialists that explore the themes, subject links and the key elements to take away from your trip.

They often include full lesson plans that you can use, or ideas and worksheets that you dip in and out of before and after your visit.

You can download the education pack from the individual school trip pages.



Education workshops are a great way to make a whole day out of your trip and really explore the education links with the show or exhibition.

Many venues, museums, galleries and attractions have learning teams that have developed activities for you and your class to take part in while you’re at the venue, with take away activities to explore back in the classroom.

Official theatre workshops are also the perfect way to bring out the subject and National Curriculum links to the show you are seeing.

Many also provide general workshops, that may not be show specific, however draw on elements that are part of the National Curriculum such as Drama and Musical Theatre Workshops.

For more information on Education Workshops, please see the individual school trip pages.


Do you have any other tips or tricks to planning, booking or taking school trips? If so, do get in touch by emailing editor@hotticketsforschools.com


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